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Possible Upcoming Title


What do you guys think of A Box of Darkness: the Story of a Marriage by Sally Ryder Brady? The author is willing to speak to our group. Here’s a summary from BookList:

Brady joins the ranks of forthcoming women writers sharing their stories of marriage and widowhood, although her tale has a heartrending added dimension. Brady’s calm, measured memoir alternates between the aftermath of her husband Upton’s sudden death in 2008 and vivid flashbacks that take on new significance as Brady grapples with unnerving discoveries, from hidden gay porn to financial chaos. A Boston debutante in 1956, Brady met Upton, a handsome Harvard sophomore and a devout Catholic, at a cotillion. After assorted romantic and familial complications, they married and quickly had four children. Brady adored her smart, dapper, multitalented husband, who danced like a star, sewed beautifully, could fix anything, and became editor in chief for Atlantic Monthly Press. But Upton drank heavily and was often enraged and unreachable. Brady saw her husband through years of crises and therapy, only to be forced to question every aspect of her life after his death. Brady’s engrossing chronicle of how she faced both the facts and mysteries of her husband’s concealed homosexuality offers generous and enlightening testimony to the true meaning of love. –Donna Seaman


The Color Purple Discussion


Wow, what a great discussion! I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed the book, and the “fudge cuts” were pretty good, too. All of Ms. Walker’s characters had great depth, and I was particularly struck by the change in Mr. after Celie finally found her voice, and the courage to leave him. Celie transitioned from a frightened and abused child to an independent businesswoman through the efforts of Shug, Sofia, Nettie, and even Mary Agnes (Squeak). What an amazing group of women! Thanks again for the fantastic discussion.